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The art of body tempering utilizes a weighted metal cylinder in order to apply pressure to muscle fibers, which helps release adhesions, enhance mobility, eliminate trigger points, and relieve pain. It can be used as a preparation technique prior to exercise to reduce risk of injury, as well as a recovery technique after exercise to help promote healing of the soft tissues. The deep pressure of the tempering rod provides neurological inhibition of muscles that are taught or in spasm. The physiological process causes enhanced circulation to the soft tissue, increases oxygen, nutrients, flexibility, and helps reduce pain.


It can be both static and dynamic. We use a pin and release technique for a dynamic release where the trigger point is held while the patient activates the muscle and moves the joint through its range of motion. The pain subsides and the movement is no longer painful or dysfunctional immediately after the treatment.

The treatment works great for conditions, such as piriformis syndrome, tight hamstrings/calves, limited shoulder motion, ITB syndrome, knee pain, upper trap pain, and more. Especially effective for athletes and muscle recovery.

Check Out DR. PUTNAM'S Published Article on Body Tempering!

Body Tempering for Myofascial Pain & Performance Enhancement,

Osteopractic Physical Therapy, April 5, 2019


Our very own Osteopractic Doctor of Physical Therapy published the first research article on body tempering, highlighting the proposed mechanisms that make it such a successful manual technique. This will pave the way for future clinical controlled studies to prove the effectiveness of body tempering.