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Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Use of specialized, metal tools to treat soft-tissue dysfunction by breaking down adhesions, knots, scar tissue, & myofascial restrictions via mechanotransduction.

Benefits include: improved range of motion, reduced hypersensitivity, decreased pain/tightness, improved alignment/orientation of soft tissue fibers, increased strength, & improved circulation to treated areas. The tools cause minimal discomfort & the sensation experienced by the patient typically is described as “hurts so good.”


Popular names of IASTM include: Graston, ASTYM, Smart Tools, ROCK tools, & EDGEility tools. Our practitioners have been trained in the FRAMS (Fibrosis Release & Myofascial Stretching), FMT blades, and EDGEility tools.


There are four levels of the tool system so that we can cater to every area of the body & adapt to the tolerance of each patient. If you have any nerve impingement, knots, scar tissue, tenderness, tendinitis, muscle tightness, catching/clicking, or any other soft-tissue dysfunction, this technique will work great for you.